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Start the Challenge Today!


When you create your account you are encouraged to include your WARRIOR name.
This will be used for your username and the Leaderboard Competition!

My Lifestyle Challenge Includes...

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Daily Pep Talk emails. These emails will provide quick pick-me-ups, nutrition and fitness information and challenges, and provide a reminder and link for you to login and record your daily points. 

Get Your TRIBE CODE before you register:

Obtain a Tribe Code from your Tribe Leader or select an Element Tribe to join and be part of our WOLF PAC (WorkOut For Life Physical Activity Club). 

If you know you belong to a group, do not attempt to register before you get the TRIBE CODE from your Leader.

AIR Tribe# THY6
FIRE Tribe# 3TJH
Find Your Tribe
My Health and Happiness Assessment...
The Happy Spirit Quiz and Healthy Body Quiz. These quizzes document your starting point and help you set and achieve meaningful goals. To SAVE your quiz results you must first create your account and login. Then as you continue with the challenge you'll be able to compare your results!*
*Before you start, please find a track or use an app to see how far you can go in 12 minutes.
*KNOW YOUR NUMBERS: You will be asked for your numbers for A1C level, blood pressure, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. If you don't know the answers you may skip those questions and continue the assessment.  
*Be sure to register for MyLifestyleTracker and create your profile BEFORE you begin the Healthy Spirit Quiz so that your results are saved on your profile. 
Health & Happiness Quiz
Lifestyle Forum
Join the Lifestyle Forum  
You can participate as your bad mama-jama WARRIOR self! Once you register you can change your name and participate anonymously if you want to. PLUS, identifying as your Warrior self will increase your confidence. Choose a strong name!
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Start Tracking! As soon as you create your account you'll be logged in so you can start earning points and badges for your healthy choices!

Track your habits and compete with yourself and others to motivate yourself to get stronger, leaner, healthier and happier every day in every way!  

What Can You Expect from the Lifestyle Challenge?

  • You will learn to take control of your decisions and your lifestyle choices

  • You will learn how to be an effective and confident leader of your own life

  • You will learn how to live healthy NOW to stave off diabetes, stroke, and heart disease

  • You will enjoy more energy to go on adventures, have fun, and do what you love

  • You will gain the knowledge and confidence to create sustainable changes in health and fitness for a healthier happier rest of your life!

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