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Select Your Tribe and Get Started!

If you have a Lifestyle Leader, he or she will provide you with the Tribe Number you'll need for joining your group when you register. If you do not already have a Tribe, select your Tribe from the four listed below.

After you've registered and entered your tribe number, take the Quizzes to set up your Tracker profile and you'll be on your way to reporting your daily points so that you can start earning badges.  WootWoot!! Let's go!

Learn more about the elements...

EARTH: Stable and reliable, yet constantly working and moving. Practical, logical, hardworking, welcoming and warm. Stubborn. Empathetic and loyal. Artistic, stable, and consistent.
EARTH Tribe Number = PDDN

AIR: Logical, solution-oriented, big picture vision, easily distracted, creative problem solver. May seem socially awkward due to logical rather than empathetic thought patterns. 
AIR Tribe Number = THY6

FIRE: Forceful, warm, likable, and life of the party. Natural born leader. May be prone to anger, jealously or rage due to the fire within. Passionate, charismatic, and fun.
FIRE Tribe Number = 3TJH

WATER: Emotional, caring, compassionate and relates well with others. Sometimes cares so much about others it becomes unhealthy for personal well-being. Understanding, devoted, flexible and forgiving.
WATER Tribe Number = KXWB

NOTE: All of us are a little bit of every element. Choose the one that fits you best, or the one you feel you can relate to - maybe even the one you wish you were! It's all for fun and to help us connect with each other. So join the fun and get started today!
To get a more thorough description, check out The Four Elements article.
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