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YOU Can Become a Lifestyle Leader!

Add value and provide inspiration, motivation, accountability and support so that you can help your members, students, or co-workers achieve greater success.

We Will Provide Your Tribe With: 

  • Daily emails with encouragement and challenges to keep your members focused and inspired 

  • The "8 Essential Habits" Tracker to help your members increase awareness, to provide accountability, and add incentives with points and prizes

  • Pre and Post Health and Happiness Tests to measure progress and watch improvement

  • Success reports so that members can track their daily and weekly improvements over time

My Lifestyle Challenge Helps You Provide Encouragement and  Support to Your Students, Staff, Co-Workers, or Members: 

  • Provide more insightful coaching and communication with your members so that you can overcome barriers, give the right kind of support, and identify where your tribe members are experiencing challenges. 

  • Open the door to more effective communication and better results. As the administrator, you'll see all of your member's daily Tracker scores so that you can provide greater accountability and encouragement.

  • Increase your member's success and engagement as they earn points and badges daily for entering their healthy habit scores. 

  • Help your members become more award of their daily choices and acknowledge that they have the POWER to make better choices every day.  

  • Once you register to become a Tribe Leader you can set up and manage your own groups. Have teams compete against each other for most improvement or best scores in various categories. Badges are built into the program and can be used for achievement awards, accountability, and celebration!

The Lifestyle Challenge allows you to motivate your work force, your students, or your clients to make healthier choices and to adopt those choices for a lifetime. Make it a 28-day challenge, or an ongoing challenge where members work on continuous improvement. Add awards and prizes based on the badges and successes that are already worked into the Tracker software. The Tracker makes it easy and fun to incentivize smart choices!

Corporate Health

Diabetes Educators & Fitness Professionals: 

MyLifestyleTracker is the perfect way to improve adherence and success for your clients. As their team leader, you'll be able to 
monitor their progress, provide personalized accountability, and motivate and inspire your tribe for sustainable lifestyle behavior change easily and affordably.

My Lifestyle Challenge provides the CONTENT: inspiration, motivation, accountability and support, so that YOU can focus on what you do best - train and motivate in person! This allows you to make more money for your exclusive program and to connect more meaningfully with your clients. You'll pay only a couple dollars per client, while your increased service is worth soooo much more! YOU choose the value-add for your clients, allowing you to make more money for your services. 

School Health and P.E. Classes

Encourage healthy living habits NOW that reduce disease later. It is essential that young people learn that THEY have the power to control their own health destinies.

  • Meets Jr. High and High School Standards

  • Empower students to make healthy choices

  • Classes can compete against each other for points and recognition

  • Students work to improve their own weekly scores

  • Teach self leadership and responsibility with a game-like approach

Corporate Health & Fitness

Encourage healthy living habits that reduce disease, increase health, reduce sick days, increase energy, and decrease insurance costs. 


BEST PRACTICE: Take the 28-Day Challenge 2x per year for best results! Your employees compete team vs team (departments vs each other and/or vs management) for maximum motivation, adherence, and fun!

  • Easy to incentivize

  • Competition adds excitement and motivation

  • Track nutritional and health and fitness habits

  • Encourage participation in the daily Lifestyle Challenges

  • Create sustainable change for improved health and happiness with your entire organization!

  • Pre and Post Fitness and Health Assessments Included

  • Get started with a Kick-Off Party, and conclude with an After-Party with milestone achievement awards

  • Contact us to for a custom kick-off party and incentives quote 

Diabetes Ed
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