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Take Control of Your LifeStyle Habits Today 

Making healthy choices is the key to weight management, fitness, wellness, disease prevention, and boosting your immune system! This is your chance to get in the habit of making good choices in the little things so that your life and health can improve in a BIG way!

Discover the 8 Essential Habits for a Healthier Happier YOU

Living healthy and happy doesn't just happen by accident. It happens by choice. Research shows that these eight essential habits can help you and your members live better, more productive, healthier, happier, longer, more energetic, disease-free, wonder-filled lives. My Lifestyle Tracker can help you and yours become the best leaders of your best lives. 

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My Lifestyle Tracker helps you to identify and focus on the 8 Essential Habits that will help you make better choices so that you can prevent disease, manage your weight, improve your health, and increase your happiness. Earn points and badges for your good decisions and track your success so that you stay focused and motivated!

Start Tracking with
Tribe Number

  • by finding your Tribe,

  • by joining with the Tribe Code
    from your Lifestyle Leader,

  • or by becoming a Tribe Leader.

As a Tribe Leader you can guide your own tribe to personal success as you all navigate daily choices for points and badges together. Great for motivating students, co-workers, and fitness clients!

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